Inside Jewish Ukraine 2018: Frances C. Eizenstat JDC Fellowship in International Jewish Service

July 2, 2018 - July 8, 2018

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On Inside Jewish Ukraine, participants will discover the renaissance of Jewish life in post-communist Kiev and Dnipro, Ukraine. Travel with a cohort of likeminded peers to engage with thriving Jewish communities in Dnipro, one of Ukraine's largest cities and a major business and industrial center, and in Odessa, a charming historical city on the shores of the Black Sea, while experiencing Ukrainian culture, nightlife, and cuisine first-hand. Gain real-life experience in philanthropic giving through a mini on-trip giving circle*. 
About the Frances C. Eizenstat JDC Fellowship in International Jewish Service:
Inside Jewish Ukraine is in honor of Frances C. Eizenstat z”l, a great Jewish Leader. Ms. Eizenstat’s commitment to improving the lives of those in need around the world was evident in nearly everything she did, including her 12 years as a JDC Board Member. In line with Fran’s interest and support of communities in the process of rebuilding Jewish life, this experience allows young adults to experience, learn, and contribute to the building of Jewish life and welfare needs in post-Communist countries. It also provides an opportunity to engage with Ms. Eizenstat’s family and JDC’s leadership pre- and post-experience.
*What is a giving circle?
In a giving circle, members pool their charitable contributions and decide together where the pooled funds should go. Giving circles are a powerful tool for building community – for strengthening members’ personal, professional, and philanthropic networks. Through their consensus-based decision-making, they model the importance of philanthropic partnership and collective impact, reinforcing the truism that no funder, no matter how large or influential, can solve social problems on his or her own. This trip consists of an immersive giving circle component whereby each participant is expected to make a charitable donation of $250 to JDC. During the trip, the cohort will determine where to donate its pooled resources. 
Itinerary Highlights:
  • Explore the revitalization and development of Jewish life in Dnipro & Odessa, cities rich in history, culture and the art.
  • Learn through dynamic interactions, discussions and walking tours about the rich history of Ukraine, a country that for centuries has been a bridge between Eastern and Western Europe. 
  • Enjoy a cross-cultural Shabbat experience with the local Jewish community.
  • Connect with Ukrainian peers.
  • Lend a hand by performing service work in the Ukrainian Jewish community with the elderly, teens and children.
Participation fee: $850 USD* -  plus a $250 donation to the giving circle
(This trip has been highly subsidized in order to provide greater access and opportunity. Average actual cost of an Entwine Insider Trip is estimated at $4,500/person.)
Participation fee includes:
  • Domestic roundtrip flights from Kiev to Dnipro and Odessa
  • Local transportation within Ukraine
  • Meals
  • Hotel Accommodations (note: the participation fee covers accommodations in double or triple rooms)
  • Site visits, briefings, tours, etc.
  • Medical and emergency evacuation insurance
*Please note that your participation fee does not include int’l airfare to/from Ukraine.
To learn more click here for a FAQ.
Trip Co-Chairs: Lauren Zabel & Sophie Hearne
About JDC in Ukraine: Ukraine is home to the third largest Jewish community in Europe—the fifth largest in the world. Like much of former Soviet Jewry, Ukraine’s Jews have survived the pogroms and the Holocaust, and outlasted Communist Jewish oppression. Today, though the country is struggling with economic turmoil and aging infrastructure, its Jewish community is growing, working tirelessly to assist its needy and to foster leadership among its most dedicated.
JDC reentered Ukraine to rebuild the shattered remnants of Jewish life following the fall of the Soviet Union. Faced with the acute suffering of Jews made vulnerable by the difficult political and economic transition, including the hyperinflation of the early 1990s, JDC began providing critical food, medicine, and other support that continues as its hallmark in the region.


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