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JSC Winter Experience | Morocco

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The Jewish community of Morocco has a long and prosperous history dating back over 2,500. Today, there is a small but strong Jewish community, predominately based in Casablanca. In Morocco, there are two distinct Multi-Week JSC placements, both serving critical needs for Casablanca’s Jewish community.

Placement: Jewish Community Center

A Jewish Community Center was recently built in Casablanca, located in the same area as the two Jewish kindergartens and a Jewish primary school. In Casablanca, there are only a handful of young Jewish adults as the majority leave after high school to study abroad. This means that there are no young adults to serve as mentors or madrichim (counselors) for the Jewish children and teens living with their families. Multi-Week Fellows at the JCC are responsible for creating meaningful opportunities for children and teens.

Day-to-day activities for Fellows at the Jewish Community Center include:

  • Planning and facilitating Jewish programs and activities
  • Planning and facilitating community-wide Jewish events (in particular throughout Chanukah)
  • One-on-one English/ Hebrew lessons

Placement: Home for the Elderly

The Home for the Elderly, managed by the Jewish Community of Casablanca, cares for 25 residents. Many of the residents do not have family based in Morocco, or opportunities to interact with people outside of the home. Fellows at the Home for the Elderly will serve as companions and educators for the residents.

Day-to-day activities for Fellows at the Home for the Elderly: include:

  • Planning and facilitating activities for the elderly at the old age home like arts and crafts, music, and dance
  • Creating programs for the elderly that engages them on Jewish topics like holidays and text study
  • Spending one-on-one time with residents and helping them record their stories
  • Assisting local staff with planned activities or events that take place regularly at the old age home

About the Jewish Community in Morocco:

Once one of the largest Jewish communities in the world, Moroccan Jewry now number approximately 4,000. Centered in Casablanca, this small, but vibrant community takes pride in its values, traditions, and institutions. With a visit to Morocco, participants will gain insight into what it means to guide a community to consolidate Jewish institutions while respecting long-standing traditions; to develop future leadership in a country where young people are leaving; to sustain vital health and welfare services for the aged; and to maintain a community’s security in an unstable environment. Beyond understanding these issues, participants on Inside Jewish Morocco will have the opportunity to engage with a truly unique and historic Jewish community that, though declining in numbers, remains vibrant and strong.

Program Dates:
Nov. 15 – Dec. 15, 2017

Application Deadline:
August 31, 2017

Desired Qualifications:
• Speaks French or Hebrew
• Informal education background
• Youth group/ camp background
• Experience working with the elderly
• Flexible, independent

Participation Fee: $500 *
This includes:

• Housing
• Group activities and excursions
• Airport pick up/drop off in overseas location
• Meals while at the Village
• Comprehensive health and emergency evacuation insurance
• On-the-ground staff support

This does not include:
• Int'l airfare
• Visa
• Local transportation
• Leisure activities
• Personal expenses

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